My name is Zan Fort and I’m running for State Senate District 39. I’m fighting for Medicaid expansion and Medicare For All, a $15/hr minimum wage, criminal justice reform, and a city and state that works for the many – not just the wealthy few!

Join our movement to win a better world!

Endorsed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Endorsed by Atlanta’s Labor and Progressive Community

ATU Local 732

Bakers´╗┐ Local 42

Building Trades Council

Communication Workers Local 3204

Georgia Federation of Teachers

Painters & Allied Trades District Council 77

Local 527-S

Laborers Local 515

Metro Atlanta DSA

Progressives for Democracy in America

Workers United Southern Region

United Auto Workers Georgia State Community Action Program

We are running a grassroots, people-powered campaign, fueled by ordinary working people volunteering their spare time. If you want to help us win, one of the best ways you can contribute is by volunteering your time!